A Book for the Workaholic & Other Animals: What is this Book?

A Book for the Workaholic & Other Animals covers a wide spectrum of fields including:

1) how to enjoy daily routine,

2) how to become practiced in what you do,

3) how to change automatic behavior, and more….

The Parts of this book integrate to teach us about how our life can be when utilizing all our faculties with ease and enjoyment:

Part I – Connecting Feelings by learning to recognize emotions.

Part II – Consciousness, learning to identify the repetitive motion of it.

Part III – The Body is about learning how much power we have when we stop.

“I hope that the book gives you the opportunity to cherish all those little moments you might regret if you didn’t take a deep breath some times and just look around you ….” .

**Download an eBook for $2.99 at http://store.blurb.com/ebooks/349428-a-book-for-the-workaholic-other-animals

**Order your eBook copy on Amazon: http://t.co/GnJoo6e

**Order a Print-on-Demand copy at: http://www.blurb.com/my/book/detail/2007560

Now, also available as an eBook for $2.99 on Blurb: http://store.blurb.com/ebooks/p3afaa6597df7d6c4a26a

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